Friday, July 20, 2012

Busy, Busy

I was a guest at this wedding
I have been so busy this year I have not had a chance to write in my blog so sad.. I was a guest at a wedding in april. I love to go to wedding to share in the love and to get fresh ideas for new design and different way people put there weddings together. I also had the privilege of planning a wedding in March. Meet The Gordans, they were such a pleasure to work with. The bride had me running all over the place I think I lost 20 pounds. She planned her whole wedding in six months. Those who said that it can not be done here is the proof. Another wedding I planned was a destination wedding in St. Lucia The Serieux they just joined the matrimony club this pass monday July16th, 2012. We started planning this wedding in 2010. This bride was so focus and determined to make sure her day was off with a bang and it came together wonderfully. I did everything with her from favors, to invitations, hair pieces, all  the wedding garments, programs and even making sure the food was all available to ship back to her country. She came to the USA and literally got everything for her wedding in a month and a half. That takes alot of determination and good focus. She was a rock, I am going to miss her.   
Congratulations guys it was a pleasure working with all of you!!
The Serieux

The Gordans